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Collectable toys & models in the UK for collectors

Whether you’re an avid toy collector or just starting out, at Looking at Toys we stock a wide range of rare collectable toys that are from some of the world’s leading brands and movies. After years of collecting toy Our range of toys include our James Bond collection, Transformers and Barbie as well as many more highly collectable pieces such as Batman, Star Wars and Star Trek.

Toy collecting has been a very popular hobby for many years, with more and more people investing in toys from their favourite movies and cartoons. Collecting rare toys is a great way to extend your passion for a movie, cartoon or series, not to forget that the value of rare toys is set to increase as the years pass by, making the collectibles not just an item of enjoyment but also a long-term investment.

At Looking at Toys we always ensure the quality of our collectible toys are the best they can be. We do this by keeping them in controlled conditions to ensure the state of the toy is not damaged, so their value does not decrease due to wear or poor conditions. Our collector toys come in their original packing which ensures they have been unused. This again ensures quality and therefore provides you with an item that will not disappoint.

After years of sourcing collectable toys from all over the globe, we are proud to have a wide range of rare toys available for purchase. Visit our collectable toys range here.