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Video Store Movie Posters from CIC For Sale

Video Store Movie Posters from CIC For Sale

Video Store Movie Posters from CIC For Sale

Video Store Movie Posters from CIC For Sale

New Listing – CIC Video Movie Store Postings. We are really excited about these. Looking at Toys have just listed a large number of CIC video store posters.

What do we like about video store movie posters ?

These posters are smaller than traditional US one sheets and UK quads which of course means that they take up less space. They are much rare and perfect for the collector as no video stores exist anymore. They are generally cheaper than their full size counterparts. Videostore movie posters are easier and cheaper to hang and display.

Who companies used to rent videos ?

in the UK this was mainly Blockbusters and independent stores like newsagents.

in other countries there were companies like

  • blockbuster
  • civic video
  • dvdexpress
  • family video
  • redbox
  • hasting entertainment
  • video city
  • Eckhard Baum

What formats did video stores rent ?

  • vhs
  • betamax
  • dvd
  • blu-ray

What happened to video stores ?

Around the mid 2000s video on demand and live video streaming ( netflix ) began to dominate the market. Very few video stores could compete with the ease and convenience of online videos.  Virtually no stores were able to compete with new service and slowly one after the other they all closed down in the years after. As these stores closed of course mini movie posters for stores were no longer needed or produced, making these an important part of history and more collectible.

Will cinemas close down ?

covid – 19 has definitely had an impact. Many companies like Disney have seen their share price fall. Movies like 007 have been delayed. Now is definitely the time to look out for your favorite movie posters and maybe make that cinema room at home. Looking at Toys can help complete the look with our vast range of original movie posters for sale. There is a chance that as everyone is worried about catching covid-19 that people will be reluctant to go back to cinemas as has been seen in China. There is also the possibility that Movie producers will in the future make movies for the likes of Amazon and go straight and direct to the public that way.

How can i buy and view video store mini movie posters on looking at toys ?

Follow this link  

We also have a huge collection of original US one sheets and Uk Quads for sale.


Robocop Movie Poster

Robocop Movie Poster



More About Us

Looking at Toys are re sellers of Supreme Clothing and Accessories. We also have a large collection of vintage and modern movie posters. Our Collectible Toy catalogue is huge and includes many toy lines. Our stock is hand picked for its current or future collectability. We therefore tend to avoid out of the box and very damaged items unless they are very rare.

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