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Toy Story Action Figures

Toy Story Action Figures

Toy Story is a Disney movie that first released in 1995 and produced by was produced by Pixar. The Movie is based on the fact that all toys are alive and have a secret life not seen by children and adults. The main characters are Sherif Woody and Spaceman Buzz Lightyear, The main characters are voiced by Tom Hanks and Tim Allen. The Movie Franchise saw a large number of toys produced the oldest of which are now considered vintage as they hit the 25 year mark. Recently these have become increasingly collectible and the price of these is definitely on the up for the best examples like those found on lookingattoys.

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When were the Toy Story Movies ?

There have been total of four Toy Story Movies released in 1995 , 1999 , 2010 and 2019.

What was the story line for Toy Story ? 

The main story is based on the fact that toys secretly come to life when they are away from humans, The movies follow the adventures of these characters.

What Toy Story Toys are available ?

Looking at Toys have a large number of very collectible Toy Story figures for sale. Our Collection includes original Toy Story figures from the 1995 release all the way up to Toy Story 4 released in 2019.

Was there really a withdrawn Woody ?

Yes following an unfortunate chocking incident Woody was withdrawn from sale in 1995. The withdrawn version can be told apart by the smaller pull string and buttons on Woody are sewn on rather than into the shirt material.

Poseable Pull-String Talking Woody 1995

Poseable Pull-String Talking Woody 1995

Poseable Pull-String Talking Woody 1995

Poseable Pull-String Talking Woody 1995

Later versions saw a larger pull  string over 1 inch in diameter as seen on Toy Story 2 Woody and also some version did away with the pull string and had a push button instead – we a have many different versions on Looking at Toys.

Toy Story 2 Pull-String Talking Woody

Toy Story 2 Pull-String Talking Woody

Talking Woody with Push Buttons Toy Story 2

Talking Woody with Push Buttons Toy Story 2

Are there any Exclusive Toy Story action figures  ?

Yes over the years there have been several exclusives. The exclusive Toy Story figures generally are more collectible as they are produced in smaller numbers and would only have been available from specific stores. Here on Looking At Toys we have several exclusives.

Toy Story and Beyond Twin-pack

Toy Story and Beyond Twin-pack

This Twin Pack includes both Woody and Buzz and was only available form Disney Stores

Buzz Lightyear Infinity Edition

Buzz Lightyear Infinity Edition

The Infinity Edition of Buzz comes with extra accessories and a certificate

Pizza Planet Space Crane

Pizza Planet Space Crane

This toy Story 4 Pizza Planet Crane was very limited and this particular variant we picked up in Japan and was exclusive to Disney Stores making it a sound investment for the future.

Who Made the early Toy Story Action Figures  for Toy Story ?

The early toys were made by Thinkway Toys. Other manufacturers have included Takara Tomy who make highly detailed and feature packed toys.

Talking Woody with Push Buttons Toy Story 2

Thinkway Toys labelling

Toy Story Pizza Planet

Toy Story Pizza Planet by Takara Tomy packed full of features and accesories.


What are the famous phrases for Woody from Toy Story ?

The phrases that Woody says when you pull the string include on the Original Woody from 1995 are

Howdy partner

My name is woody

You re my favourite deputy

Yee haa cowby

Theres a snake in my boots

The pull string Woody from Toy Story 2 says the same phrases.

The Push Button Woody says the following

Howdy Partner

My name is woody

Look thers an alien

Reach for the sky

Yee hah Cowboy

Why are original Toy Story Figures increasing in price ?

Toy Story first released in 1995, with 25 years having passed the original toys are now considered vintage. Nostalgia – As we all grow older we remember our favorite toys from our childhood and with stores like ours you now have the opportunity to buy again those toys. First time collectors may be missing that one figure to complete the set and we may have it here for you. As the numbers of quality figures decreases and the number of collectors increases this pushes prices up.


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