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Calling Interior Designers and Architects

Calling Interior Designers and Architects – Looking at Toys has a huge collection of Original Movie Posters and rare and collectible toys in their original sealed packaging.

Are you a designer, architect or or just someone looking to build a cinema room ? We would love to work with you.

original movie poster display

original movie poster display

How can you use our products and services?

We have a large collection of collectable and older toys- These may be used as a feature in a themed design.  If you are doing a project that requires or could be enhanced by our hand picked toys, these would look great in a display cabinet.In a higher end project they could be incorporated in to a wall as a display with led feature lighting. Memorabilia like Star Trek phasers or an older Batman car would be perfect for this.

original movie poster display

original movie poster display

Why Original  Movie Posters ?

Movie Posters have a wide range of applications. They can be incorporated into any of these designs – cinema room, office entrance area, restaurant or waiting room. We have supplied framed posters for reception areas, waiting and meeting rooms and even a dental surgery treatment room. Movie posters make for a great talking point and have great presence. They are much more than just a piece of wall art. Where space is more limited we also have in stock smaller and rarer video store movie posters. If you require something special we have a limited number of rare lenticular style movie posters. These starts from –  small A4 sized  Batman lenticular poster, all the way up to a 6ft Spider Man 3 lenticular.

We can provide, from stock, a large number of Original Movie Posters. If you are  after a specific style,theme or particular super hero then we may be able to source these from our contacts. If you cant find what you are looking for on our website let us know. As we move into the digital age – paper movie posters will become, rarer. Cinemas are moving towards digital bill boards, therefore the right poster could also be a good investment piece.

Browse our collection of Original Movie Posters now.

original movie poster display

original movie poster display

Can we work with you ?

Message us to see how we can work with you. We really would like to help you get the right look.We love our products and what we do. Why not chat with us ?

original movie poster display

original movie poster display

More About us

Looking at Toys are resellers of supreme clothing and accessories. We also have a large collection of vintage and modern movie posters. Our Collectible Toy catalogue is huge and includes many toy lines. Our stock is hand picked for its current or future collectability. We therefore tend to avoid unboxed and very damaged items unless they are very rare.

if you are after a bargain visit our auction area. We do not charge any buyers premiums and the price you pay includes UK shipping. Very competitive International shipping is available on all our auction items.

You can find Looking at Toys on youtube, twitterinstagram and facebook. The stock we hold is regularly updated so be sure to follow us on atleast one of these platforms.

Above all we like to chat about the products we sell and invite you to chat with us and read our blog that contain a wealth of information and go into some detail on certain products. If you would like a particular blog or review why not contact us and we will give this some consideration. We may be able to do a dedicated video or review for you.

We Hope you enjoy

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