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Why Buy Movie Posters ?

Why Buy Movie Posters ?

Why Buy Movie Posters ?

Why Buy Movie Posters ?

original movie poster display

original movie poster on display


This is a question we are often asked, in this blog we will go through some of the reasons why we think you should buy original movie posters…

  • Limited Edition

Movie posters are only ever produced in limited numbers. Whilst the same image may be used it may have subtle variations from it being a teaser through to variants produced after the film is released or for special events. Anything that is produced in limited numbers will have collectability. Movie posters produced for specific events will always be amongst the most desirable as numbers produced will be very low.

FINDING DORY | UK Quad | Original Movie Poster

Finding Dory 2016 teaser


Terminator special variant produced in 1995 with exclusive event details.

  • Look great displayed


original movie poster display

original movie poster on display


original movie poster display

original movie posters supplied by looking at toys on  display

The image above represents an example of some that we supplied to a client to use in an entrance lobby and look great up. These are a great conversation starter. The film producers employee teams of professional people to make the image visually pleasing and to draw attention. It just makes sense to take advantage of this professional input.

  • Bring the cinema experience home. 

VACANCY | UK Quad | Original Movie Poster

Movies are enjoyed by millions the world over. Buying an original Movie Poster lets you bring that experience home with you.

  • Superheros  

BATMAN AND ROBIN | HEROES | One Sheet | Original Movie Poster

Superhero Movies include Batman, Spider-man , Hulk and more. These are created by the likes of Marvel and DC Comics which have huge followings.

  • Controversial 

Movie Posters can sometimes be considered controversial due to the content,image or copyright infringements. These are then sometimes withdrawn for this reason and the price on these can sky rocket as these are generally taken back by the film producers and destroyed. People are now much wiser to this and snap them up early. The ones below are examples of some that were considered risky and withdrawn. The movie poster for The Interview is an example of one that was of little interest and inexpensive and then shot up in price, then later came down in price when the movie was re-released with the same artwork.

Movie Posters

SIN CITY EVA GREEN | One Sheet | Original Movie Poster

Watch the video CLICK HERE  

ROGUE TRADER | UK Quad | Original Movie Poster



  • Iconic Films and Directors

Movies for many reasons are considered iconic. What can be better than having that iconic artwork in your collection or displayed. Iconic directors include Tarantino. Movies that are considered ahead of their time or significantly different to anything else at the time like Blair Witch will always have a cult following and be very collectible.

BLAIR WITCH PROJECT | UK Quad | Original Movie Poster

original movie poster display

original movie poster display

  • Favorite Actors

We all have our favorite actors , who is yours ?

LEATHERHEADS | UK Quad | Original Movie Poster

George Clooney  Classic

The Further Perils of Laurel and Hardy for sale

Laurel and Hardy

JACKIE | US ONE SHEET | original movie poster

Natalie Portman

  • Complete the set 

As an example the spider-man character can be found across movies , action figures , comics and you can add to your collection the Movie Poster.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Original Movie Poster

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Original Movie Poster for sale

Shop Now Signed Comics | Spider Man | Stan Lee

Shop Now Signed Comics | Spider Man | Stan Lee

spider man bearbrick


  • Get them while you can

We are increasingly moving towards a digital world and paper posters are rapidly being replaced by digital images. In the future cinemas themselves may be replaced by online streamed movies, making these type of works obsolete. Can you remember video stores ?

midnight run video store poster

  • Special Edition Movie Posters 

Movie Producers have huge budgets when it comes to promoting movies. They will often produce special posters using expensive techniques. These posters are often very limited and very desirable. This could include Mylar , Lenticular and Punched Plastics as was used for Spiderman 3

original movie poster display

original movie poster display 

Spiderman 3 lenticular

  • Something for everyone 

Movies cover so many themes that there has to be something for everyone and artwork that would look great dispalyed. Movie Posters  are produced in various sizes and shapes making it possible to get something for any size of room.

BALLERINA | UK Quad | Original Movie Poster

perfect for a childs room


Accountants office ?

A DOGS PURPOSE | UK Quad | Original Movie Poster

Vets office

  • Collaborations 

Movie Posters are sometimes produced by famous artist and produced in collaboration with a specific brand.


Men in Black Ray-Ban Collaboration

  • Investment Potential

Original Movie Posters can become very collectible with classics for Bond, Star Wars and Star Trek selling for thousands of pounds . The cost of a Movie Poster could be about the same price as a mass produced worth nothing once taken out of the shop print – Buy a movie poster instead !

STAR TREK BEYOND | UK Quad | Original Movie Poster

  • Interior Design

More and more people are creating cinema rooms. Themed restaurants and Bars are increasingly using movie posters for displays. Interior designers can bring  together a theme and cover large areas of wall with professionally framed movie posters.

The National Lampoons Vacation | UK Quad | Original Movie Poster

Eighties themed bar or Cinema room – complete the look with a movie poster.

This is but a few reasons why you should buy a movie poster.. All posters featured are ones we have or have sold previously. Visit our main website to search for your favorite poster by title. We sell both vintage and modern movie posters. We ship all over the world. 5 of the same type of poster can be posted at no additional cost.

We also have YouTube video on movie posters CLICK HERE to watch or follow the link below.


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