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Lichtenstein Rising Sun Sticker | Supreme

Lichtenstein Rising Sun Sticker | Supreme

 Roy Lichtenstein Rising Sun Sticker | Supreme 

Roy Lichtenstein designed Rising Sun Sticker for Supreme produced in 2006


Roy Lichtenstein was an American born pop artist. Who was famous in the 1960s for his Pop Art. Some of his most famous art pieces are The Crying Girl, Look Mickey and his Sunrise painting from 1965. It is this Sunrise painting that was adopted by Supreme.

Supreme Tribute

In 2006 Supreme did a tribute collaboration to Lichtenstein. The collaboration consisted of long sleeve tees with his famous sunrise pop art image, additionally a sticker produced which featured the same famous sunrise. Both the sticker and long sleeves are considered art in themselves and are highly coveted for all Supreme Collector. This sticker is now a rare find on the market. Prices continue to rise year on year. The latest sales have all exceeded the 100$ mark.


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